13 mai 2010

Dana Leong - Anthems of Life

= Dana Leong - Anthems of Life =
1. Bonefied
2. Another Perfect Catastrophe (featuring Tod a & Ue)
3. Big Up (featuring Baba Israel)
4. Opus 1 Why I Cry (featuring Core Rhythm)
5. One Life
6. Free Drinks For 50 (interlude)
7. Get Up (featuring Dj Super Dane)
8. Live Vibe
9. 2971 A.d. (featuring Adam Platt)
10. Inner Visions
11. Black & White (featuring Baba Israel, Core Rhythm, Dj Super Dane

Dana Leong combines talents into an album replete with groove, blues, dancing rhythms and seri ous message. The lyrics of the ten songs are as captivating as the electronic and acoustic vibrations that accompany them

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